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The Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence) is a cultural start-up designed to expand and deepen Israeli excellence.

IcExcellence is a greenhouse specializing in encouraging excellence and empowering artists. It has developed a vast body of rare knowledge in the field as part of its original operating model, which is unique in the world. The foundation’s chosen artists include many of Israel’s finest contemporary artists from a wide range of cultural fields: music – classical, jazz and Israeli; dance; theater; film; industrial design; writing; fashion design; visual communication; and the visual arts.

IcExcellence’s chosen artists are a source of inspiration to others, serve as Israel’s best cultural ambassadors throughout the world, give back to the community, and expand the Excellence Effect.

After eight years of intensive activity and myriad accomplishments, the foundation is currently taking a timeout—in order to gain fresh perspective and assess the best possible way to continue fulfilling our vision. News and updates will be posted on the website.

"The foundation today unites people of vision and action, artists, advisors, supporters and friends, all of whom are committed to fostering and expanding the values of excellence in society…" (Press here to continue)
Founder & Managing Director Rachel Marani

What is IcExcellence for me?
With Tomer Heymann, Rachel Marani, Shlomi Shaban, Etgar Keret, Rona Kenan, Gil Shohat, Din Din Aviv, Yaron Gottfried, Avishai Cohen, Chen Reiss, Eli Degibri, Lior Elmalich, PercaDu – Tomer Yariv and Adi Morag, Bambi Friedman, Yehudit Sasportas, Rutu Modan and Adi Stern.

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